Teaching in Our Archdiocese

Teaching in Schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

We are seeking teachers who are supportive of the Catholic ethos of our schools, who bear witness to Christ and Christian values in their own lives and in their teaching. These teachers will give regular and efficient instruction for the academic, physical and spiritual development of their students. They will participate in worship and prayer in the school in co-operation with the local Parish, and adhere to Catholic principles and values by personal example, integrity and behaviour.

What does Teaching in our Archdiocese offer?

  • Varied teaching experience in a range of rural and urban schools
  • Support and mentoring for beginning teachers
  • Opportunities for professional learning and career development
  • Professional learning programs tailored to the differing needs of teachers and school contexts.

What are the Opportunities for Teaching Positions?

Our Archdiocese has 8 Early Learning Centres, 24 primary schools and 5 secondary colleges in Canberra, with 19 primary schools, 4 Central Schools (K-10), 1 K-12 school and 3 Secondary Colleges in NSW.

View the Our Schools section of our website for school details.

What Qualifications are needed to Teach in our Archdiocese?

  • Teaching qualifications approved by the Catholic Education Office, including a Bachelor of Education (4 years) or Bachelor’s degree plus one year postgraduate Diploma of Teaching/Master of Teaching.
  • For ACT schools, the Working with Vulnerable People card; for NSW schools, the Working with Children Clearance.
  • For ACT schools, registration with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute; for NSW schools, accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers.

What are the requirements for Religious Education (RE)?

To teach in our schools, teachers need to have RE Accreditation. They complete RE Accreditation A and B courses (a total of three professional development days). If a teacher has not undergone these at the point of employment, they will attend the courses afterwards. Teachers are expected to keep their RE Accreditation current.

Catholic teachers who have qualifications in RE are eligible to teach RE.

Where do I apply for advertised positions?

Apply directly to the school advertising the position – not to the Catholic Education Office. Principals of individual schools are responsible for the employment of staff.

View our Teaching Vacancies  section for current positions available.