Research in Our Schools

The following information, along with the Application to Conduct Research in Catholic Schools Form will help you to frame a request to conduct research in Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

For research approval and queries please contact the Schools and Family Services team on
(02) 6234 5476 or email

Please note:

When submitting the form, please attach proposed questionnaires, surveys and/or interview schedules. If only draft copies are available, please forward the final copies used in your research as soon as these become available. Copies of university ethics committees’ approvals are also necessary, where appropriate.

NB: The form is adapted from that used by the ACT Education and Training Directorate.

Research in Schools

While the Catholic Education Office endorses the value of field research both for individual projects such as higher education qualifications and in its contribution to a greater understanding of educational issues, research projects should be of potential benefit to schools and to Catholic education generally.

The Catholic Education Office has an obligation to ensure that such research is carried out in an acceptable manner and therefore checks all research projects intended for schools. Students’ privacy must be protected and the research must be appropriate to the school environment and students’ age. Parent/carer consent must be obtained for all research involving direct contact with students.

Catholic Education Approval

Taking research into schools involves two stages: in-principle agreement from the Catholic Education Office and an approval to proceed from individual school Principals. The Catholic Education Office examines all proposals to ensure that the subject matter and methodology are suitable for the target schools. Submission of the research proposal form will initiate the first stage. If approval is given, a letter will be issued granting permission to approach schools.

Approaching Schools

Final approval for conducting research in Catholic System schools rests with individual school Principals.

Applicants should supply a copy of the Catholic Education Office letter of approval and a copy of their completed Application to Conduct Research in Catholic Schools Form when approaching the schools.

Carrying out Research

Individual confidentiality and privacy must be observed. Questionnaires must be structured in such a way to ensure that respondents remain anonymous. Data which is to be disseminated or published in any way must always be aggregated to guarantee the anonymity of individuals or small groups. Schools should be informed about how your findings will be used (e.g. thesis, article etc) and if they are going to be published elsewhere.