Preschool Curriculum

Catholic preschools enable children to take the first steps into Catholic education.

Our Catholic Preschool Curriculum aims to:

  • provide quality education for all preschool students in a Catholic preschool context;
  • build upon common language and shared understandings about what is significant in children’s learning in the early years;
  • start with the children and their progression of learning, (ACT DET p2) with a curriculum based on sound understandings and knowledge about this particular early learning phase of children’s development (4 year olds);
  • ensure that Catholic preschool structures and settings promote the integrated nature of children’s learning across all areas of development as well as within each child’s individual progression of learning;
  • provide documentation of progress that maps each child’s learning journey;
  • build quality learning environments that best support and extend each child ; and
  • build positive relationships with parents and caregivers based on mutual trust and open communication.

View our Catholic Early Learning Curriculum Guide for more information.

Catholic Early Learning Curriculum