Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum

Catholic schools are part of the mission of the Church and exist to support the educational and catechetical endeavours of each Parish. 

The Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, as Chief Evangelist, approves the Religious Education Curricula for all schools in the Archdiocese. 

Religious Education is a rich tapestry, an active interweaving between life, culture and faith. Within Catholic schools all are invited to engage with the richness of the Catholic Tradition.

Religious Education in Archdiocesan Schools

Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia

Implementation of the CSYMA 4 Phase model in primary and secondary schools.


In the Archdiocese the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are family centred and are supported by the Parish and its schools.

The Catholic School

The Catholic school is often the ‘face of the church’ for young people and their families. Children are educated about sacraments in a curriculum framework that:

  • Is sequential and age appropriate
  • Provides sound teaching and learning experiences that meets the needs of the individual learner
  • Is in keeping with Archdiocesan policy

The focus for the school is not merely to provide a formal education in Faith but to nurture young people in an environment that leads them to develop their personal relationship with God.

The Family

In families, children:

  • Learn who they are and that they are loved
  • Share meals and talk together about happenings in their lives
  • Learn to celebrate achievements and to support each other in difficult times
  • First experience celebration, forgiveness and prayer
  • Are introduced to the Parish community

The focus for parents and family members is to show children, in practical ways, how to live good lives and bring them to the fullness of human and Christian maturity.

The Parish

By participating in Parish life, children:

  • Experience a sense of belonging to the local Parish and to the wider community of believers
  • Experience a sense of the sacred and a sense of the wonder of God
  • Are challenged to hear the Word of God, celebrate it and live it as Christians in the world
  • Meet people who are enabled to live out the Gospel in a variety of pastoral ministries

The focus for the Parish community is to invite all to share in the life of the Catholic community and recognise there are times when a unique response is called for to support a child in their Faith journey.