Our Role

Our Mission

“As an inclusive and welcoming community, the Catholic Education Office gives witness to the values of Jesus Christ through leadership, support and services to Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese”

Welcome to Catholic Education and to the schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Extending from Pambula on the south coast, to Crookwell in the North, through to the western point of Lake Cargelligo, the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn covers both the ACT and NSW, a total of 88,000 square kilometres.

There are 56 System Schools and 8 Catholic Early Learning Centres in the Archdiocese:


  • 24 Primary Schools
  • 5 Secondary Colleges
  • 8 Catholic Early Learning Centres


  • 19 Primary Schools
  • 3 Secondary Colleges
  • 4 K – 10 Schools (Central Schools)
  • 1 K – 12 School

Our school system educates 21,229 boys and girls. We have 1,686 Teachers and Support Staff and a Catholic Education office of 85 staff members who support these schools.

We have much to be proud of and much to be grateful for in our wonderful and historic Archdiocese. We invite you to visit our schools and to acquaint yourselves with all that the educational arm of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn has to offer.

The Catholic Education office administers 56 Catholic Schools and 8 Early Learning Centres in the Archdiocese.

In particular we provide services in the following areas:

1. Spirituality and Pastoral Care

  • provide resources and guidance for the effective teaching of Religious Education
  • provide opportunities for the faith development of all Catholic Education Staff

2. Education Information and Advice

  • monitor and disseminate information on changes and developments in all relevant areas of education
  • advise and help with educational problems and queries
  • service and assist teaching staff, parents and clergy in the implementation of the curricula
  • develop curricula consistent with Catholic values and Government regulations

3. Administrative Advice and Information

  • develop, disseminate and implement appropriate policies, procedures and systems
  • monitor Government funding; advise and assist schools and parishes with grant applications

4. Human Resource Services

  • develop HR policies and procedures
  • manage recruitment of school principals and Catholic Education office staff
  • coordinate employment relations and negotiations for schools and Catholic Education office staff
  • oversee Worker’s Compensation and return to work programs
  • coordinate the Child Protection Program
  • coordinate the implementation of WH&S policy
  • provide legal performance management and EEO advice to Schools
  • assist in the provision of communication and promotions
  • assist in the development of School Boards, School Community Councils and Parents and Friends Associations
  • Payroll services
  • Catholic Education office expenses associated with employment and recruitment

Cross-on-Gate-200x3005. Financial Administration

  • oversee the System budget
  • receive and account for Government grants and fees remitted by schools
  • ensure effective use of funds available
  • furnish necessary statutory returns
  • provide financial and budgeting advice to schools
  • ensure taxation compliance
  • provide school financial reviews and financial administration support
  • provide school administration system support

6. IC&LT Services

  • manage, maintain and administer the Catholic Education office’s ICT infrastructure including:
    • the Catholic Education office Local Area Network
    • the Catholic Education office Wide Area Network
    • Local Area Networks within schools
  • manage and maintain the Catholic Education office’s ICT based Administrative systems – including web based systems and web sites
  • provide managed internet services for schools
  • manage and maintain data warehouse to provide data for corporate use
  • provide ICT assistance to the Catholic Education office and schools using the ICT Service Desk
  • provide support and training in video communications

7. Planning and Facilities

  • plan and develop new schools in consultation with school authorities
  • plan and develop extensions/refurbishments to existing schools in consultation with authorities
  • assist in the maintenance of existing schools
  • oversee school census and enrolments

8. Equipment

  • co-ordinate as required the purchase of equipment needed within the system
  • offer advice on suppliers, prices and specifications

9. Reporting

  • advise Government, the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Commission, NSW Catholic Education Commission, National Catholic Education Commission, other Catholic Education office’s and interested parties on the performance of the Archdiocesan Catholic Education system
  • co-ordinate public relations for Catholic Education within the Archdiocese

10. Quality Control

  • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the education and development achieved through the Catholic schooling system

11. Advising and reporting to the Catholic Education Commission

Assist the Secretariat for the Catholic Education Commission by:

  • providing policy advice
  • providing administrative, financial and consultative services necessary to implement the policy decisions of the Catholic Education Commission
  • reporting regularly to the Commission on the progress of policy implementation

12. School Services


  • provide leadership of the School Review and Development Program
  • facilitate School Registration and associated compliance
  • facilitate school staffing processes
  • lead the implementation of external assessment programs and data analysis
  • facilitate teacher formation, accreditation and development programs
  • lead the system leadership program
  • facilitate the licensing of School Aged Care Services and Early Learning Centres