Goals & Strategies

Goals Strategies
To achieve its Mission the Catholic Education Commission will develop and monitor policies which will endeavour to:  To meet its Goals, the Catholic Education Commission has adopted the following strategies:
  • create schools in which committed staff provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum which links faith, culture and community;
  • promote public awareness of the Church’s Mission in Catholic education;
  • develop and monitor educational policies that reflect the integration of Faith and culture;
  • encourage the ongoing spiritual and professional development of the staff of schools.
  • assist parents and guardians in the Faith development of their children;
  • provide integrated Religious Education programs in schools;
  • ensure that Religious Education programs are rich sources of spiritual and Faith development;
  • promote an active educational partnership with an understanding of the needs of students, teachers, parents, Parish community and government;
  • promote collaboration among students, teachers, parents and Parish communities;
  • identify ways of ensuring that our educational programs are relevant to the needs of the community;
  • be active in influencing educational policies of National, State/Territory Governments.
  • plan and monitor the provision of educational and financial resources and facilities to ensure the provision of quality Catholic education
  • maintain the financial viability of the Archdiocesan education system;
  • provide and maintain the resources necessary to support an environment conducive to learning;
  • negotiate with Governments for the provision of adequate funding for Catholic schools.