The Catholic Education Office is proud of the quality of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. Our Catholic schools continually strive to be inclusive places and have an education model that promotes a partnership between individuals, communities and governments based on the principles of equity, needs, access, social justice and religious freedom. Our schools strive for strong partnerships with the Parishes they serve. Catholic System schools and Catholic Preschools are open to all who are willing to support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic schooling.

The Archdiocesan Catholic school system has a particular responsibility to welcome, accept and support those who are poor, marginalised and in most need. Our conviction is that no student will be refused enrolment or be disadvantaged because of an inability on the part of parents/guardians to meet financial requirements. Please contact the school Principal or Bursar if you have concerns about your ability to pay fees.

ACT Catholic System schools have designated priority enrolment areas. For primary schools, this is the designated Parish. Preschools are regionally based and serve a number of schools in their local area. Details of Secondary College priority enrolment areas can be found in the Enrolment Information Pack. Enrolment in a school outside the priority enrolment area may be catered for if a place is available in the preferred school and within the normal Catholic Education office enrolment policy. We aim to provide the choice of Catholic schooling to all those seeking a Catholic education for their children. However, enrolment of a student into an Archdiocesan Catholic school or Catholic school of choice cannot be guaranteed.

Parents seeking enrolment for the current year may complete an official Enrolment Form.

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