Tuition Fees

To provide a quality Catholic education, our schools receive funding from:
• The Commonwealth, NSW and the ACT governments
• Fees paid by parents and carers
• Fundraising activities.
Under Commonwealth legislation, there is an expectation that parents and carers of students in non-Government schools contribute to the education of their children according to their assessed capacity to contribute.
Public funding to a national school standard is reduced to reflect parental capacity to contribute. Catholic school systems have the responsibility to distribute available funds across member schools according to relative need.
The Catholic Education Commission for this Archdiocese sets school tuition fees in October each year for the following year. The Commission sets tuition fees and discount arrangements within each of the ACT and NSW jurisdictions. Information regarding the fees for our schools is available by contacting the school principal directly or by accessing the school website.
In addition to tuition fees, parents of ACT Catholic systemic schools are requested to contribute to the Canberra Catholic Schools Building Fund. A contribution to the building fund is a voluntary, tax-deductible payment which provides funds to go towards school maintenance and refurbishment costs, new schools and building insurances. Families are asked to complete an online form each year outlining their intention to contribute to the building fund.
The Archdiocesan Catholic school system has a particular responsibility to welcome, accept and support those who are poor, marginalised and in most need. Our conviction is that no student will be refused enrolment or be disadvantaged because of an inability on the part of parents or carers to meet financial requirements. Fee remissions are offered in cases of financial hardship. Parents may apply for a fee remission by contacting the school principal. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.