Teaching Approach

Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn has a practical and evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, which ensures we provide the education that our students and families deserve.

Our system-wide teaching and learning improvement program, known as Catalyst, supports all teachers in our Archdiocese to be as effective as possible, helping them to transform lives through learning.

Two theories have significantly informed our approach – the Science of Learning and the Science of Reading.

Catalyst ensures each and every one of our teachers and Principals across the System have a deeply shared understanding of quality learning and teaching, and that it is consistently implemented across all classrooms.

Catalyst allows our schools to be more precise about three important elements of teaching

  1. Curriculum – what we teach
  2. Pedagogy – how we teach
  3. Assessment – how we know students have learnt it

To learn more about our teaching approach, visit the Catalyst website.