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Media Release: Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn welcomes new Australian Centre for the Advancement of Literacy

20 December 2022

Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn welcomes the Australian Catholic University’s new Australian Centre for the Advancement of Literacy as a significant step forward in improving teacher education and professional learning.

Director of Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn Ross Fox says there is a clear need for University faculties of education to increase their focus on evidence-based practices in the teaching of reading. “There’s wide recognition that Australian education systems need to get better outcomes for our students,” Mr Fox says.

“Momentum is growing in Australia for change in our teacher education and for teaching and learning to be based on the science of how the human brain works.

“Explicit instruction with high impact teaching practice and more professional development for teachers is critical to achieving equality of opportunity for our students.

“The Australian Catholic University has been a supportive partner with Catholic Education Canberra Goulburnand this new research center in early years and adolescent reading can help ensure that all teachers understand the evidence-based practice in reading instruction.”

For more than three years, Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn has collaborated with experts from within Australia and around the world to build a school system that supports every teacher to deliver the most effective instructional practices for all students in our schools.

Based on the science of reading, Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn has committed our 56 schools in the ACT and NSW to evidenced-based professional learning focusing on high impact teaching practice.

“Teachers are the most important learners,” Mr Fox says. “Every teacher must be supported with the knowledge to teach every student in the most effective and efficient way. It’s critical that teachers understand the implications of the science of reading for their teaching and they have the right support to translate research findings into classroom instruction.

“We need to bridge the gap between what we know about the science of reading and the learning experience of students in the classroom. When we are true to that, students are most likely to succeed in their learning. “It’s pleasing to see a University recognise this and take up the challenge of providing evidence-based literacy education for teachers and committing to provide high quality professional development that is aligned with the best evidence.

“The Australian Centre for the Advancement of Literacy will help achieve this aspiration for equality of opportunity that we share with so many other school systems in Australia and internationally.

“I look forward to further building an alliance of educators who advocate for the science of reading, and forming new partnerships to support our teachers.”

Media Contact:
Geraldine Capp | Senior Manager, Public Relations, Communications & Marketing

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