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Health and Well-Being Ninja’s at St Vincent’s Primary Aranda

On Thursday 9 November, the playground at St Vincent’s Primary School Aranda was transformed into a sea of colour. Students navigated a mini ‘Ninja Warrior’ course and were splashed with coloured powder as part of the school’s major fundraiser for the year. The course was set up by Lee Campbell from Health and Well-being Business ‘B-Firm’ and the students were bombed with colour by their teachers and parent volunteers! Telstra Tower showed its support for the event by lighting up in rainbow colours on the evening before.

All funds raised from the Ninja Colour Run will go towards the establishment of a Spider Climbing Frame. It is anticipated the climbing frame will benefit the health and well-being of many, as the playground facilities are frequently used by the wider local community after school and on the weekends. The incorporation of the Spider Climbing Frame, in addition to the existing playground equipment, will offer local families a place to connect, socialise and be physically active.

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