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Athlete Development Program (ADP) at Lumen Christi

At the beginning of 2017 Lumen Christi implemented an elite sports initiative called the Athlete Development Program (ADP). Students were invited to apply for the program and undertake a selection process. The aim is to ‘value-add’ education by supporting these student-athletes in their sporting commitments and goals. Twenty four students across twelve sports were selected from Years 6-10 in the 2017 squad. This program is a personalised training program based on strength and conditioning, technical skill development, personal development and sports medicine support.

Throughout Term 1 students engaged in an intense 7-week cardio program to develop a solid aerobic foundation for their sport. This involved a variety of training techniques where squad members were left breathless after multiple sessions. Besides maintaining this cardio program during Term 2, ADP squad members will also be undertaking a Strength & Conditioning and Skills program that has been specifically designed for their sport. It is hoped that local Development Officers and professionals will work with Lumen’s athletes this term. They will provide some valuable knowledge, direction, experience and skill development for these athletes.

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