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St Vincent’s Teacher Nominated by Parents for Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award

St Vincent’s Primary School Aranda teacher, Angela Luchetti, has been nominated for the Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award by the parents of student Chloe Paini for her inclusive, adapted and specialised teaching techniques for their daughter with down syndrome.

Chloe’s parents, Michelle and Dean, wrote the following heart-felt tribute to Angela and the school that has helped to shape a rich and meaningful learning experience for their ten year old:

Every parent wishes the best for their child, including an enjoyable school experience. As parents we all want our children to be happy at school, to have friends, to truly learn like all children, and to be part of the school fabric – to truly belong. Our daughter Chloe has that experience.

Chloe belongs at her school. Chloe is also 10 years old, and has Down Syndrome. As parents, watching our daughter love school, watching how her teacher Angela teaches and nurtures her, and watching the whole school community embrace Chloe, gives us a deep and pure joy that we wish for all parents.

As her parents, we are committed to Chloe having an inclusive education in a mainstream school, where she can be fully included. For us, inclusion means Chloe has access to the same experiences and opportunities as her peers. This is crucial for Chloe becoming a valued and contributing member of her community.

Angela Luchetti has been Chloe’s teacher for almost two years now, and strives to ensure Chloe is fully included in classroom lessons and activities – as she does all students in her class. Notably, Angela is always happy to chat with us, and her educator colleagues, about Chloe, and the adaptations and modifications she can apply in her classroom to ensure Chloe, and all her students are fully included.

Angela also strongly encourages Chloe’s independence in school. We are delighted to know Angela believes in Chloe, and shares our high expectations of her; expecting her to not only be included in all school activities (assemblies, presentations, excursions etc.), but also giving her the opportunities and support to experience success.

We will always remember how Angela encouraged Chloe’s participation in the regional cross-country championships in May this year, even despite our initial trepidation. Angela realised Chloe would need extra training to ensure she would be able to complete the event, and took time out of her lunch to train Chloe. The image of Chloe putting her arms in the air as she triumphantly crossed that 2K finish line will never fade. An experience that may seem so small, but for Chloe and our family – it was huge!

Angela has made Chloe’s schooling a wonderful experience, and Chloe clearly agrees – loving school and wanting to go every day. It is not only Angela, but all the staff at St Vincent’s and the broader student and family community who have helped shape Chloe’s last two years into a rich and meaningful learning experience.

Congratulations to Angela on her nomination. She is an example of excellence in Catholic Education.

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