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St Mary’s Year 5 Geography Documentarians

St Mary’s Yr 5 Geography students enjoyed a presentation from Mrs Linda Cavanagh  who has been liaising with The Australian Wind Alliance  and Tilt Renewables to assist the students in making their mini documentaries:an Inquiry into a local Geographical issue / development.

The students formulated geographical questions all about the Rye Park Wind Farm . They looked at Maps of the area, data re wind and rainfall and temperatures. They also considered the traditional custodians of the area, land use and zoning.

Mrs Cavanagh gave out kits with great visual aids and mini wind turbines for the students to make . She explained the process involved in farming the wind and the actual two year phase involved in constructing the 92 wind turbines. She also donated a large model of a real working Wind Turbine  for the Students to construct.


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