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Gathering of Catholic educators marks renewal of Catholic mission

Teachers, principals, parish priests and staff from Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn will this week come together to intensively collaborate on initiatives to improve learning and strengthen the identity of 56 Catholic schools and almost 1000 classrooms.

Director of Catholic education, Ross Fox, said the project would build on the inspired leadership and dedication of generations of Catholic school communities who had forged today’s Catholic schools.

In 2019 Catholic education in the Archdiocese will celebrate 160 years of achievement. Dedicated religious congregations first gave life to Catholic schools in the Canberra region in 1859 after a call by both rural and urban families to provide religious education opportunities for their children.

Mr Fox said the pending anniversary was the right time to renew Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to meet the high expectations of families for their children’s education, and prepare students for a complex and uncertain world.

“This collaboration aims to empower principals and teachers to realise the best possible teaching and learning in every school and classroom,” he said.

“It will nourish teachers and principals with the tools need to create Catholic schools confident in meeting current and future challenges, to deliver great learning and teaching for every child.”

Catholic Education has partnered with the Knowledge Society to facilitate a collaborative design process that draws on compelling international evidence, to enrich the educational journey for all students.

A group of 80 principals, teachers, parish priests and other community members, supported by an expert panel will work on three Strategic priorities for Catholic education: Mission, Performance and School Experience.

“The fast-paced developments of this century mean schools must continually refresh and renew how they meet the learning and teaching needs of students and staff,” Mr Fox said.

“This is an innovative process that will boost the skills of all staff as educational leaders and change-makers who are best placed to be finely attuned to the local needs of their students and communities.”

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