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College Students Awarded ACT Recognition of Excellence

Congratulations to the 2018 Award Winners acknowledged at the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) Recognition of Excellence Ceremony at The Playhouse yesterday. Twenty-one of our students were recipients of an award in one of five categories: Community Service, Vocational Studies, Academic Studies, Performing/Visual Arts, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Community Service Awards

Maddison Green – Merici College

Maddison is an extremely generous and enthusiastic contributor to social justice, sport, youth ministry and leadership initiatives. She selflessly gives her time to the roles of College House Captain, and Cross-Age Tutor, as well as debating, coaching sporting tams and supporting charity initiatives. She is  valued leader in the spiritual life of the college contributing through music and faith formation programs.

Casey Horan – St Clare’s College 

Casey is a student who has always shown initiative and an innate ability to look beyond her own needs to put the needs of others at the forefront of all that she does. She displays a magnificent ability to bring people together and work for a common cause. Casey maintains great humility and has demonstrated a strong ability to formulate, plan and implement appropriate courses of action.

Mateja Kostrica – St Francis Xavier College

Mateja has  strong sense of service. She is compassionate, empathetic and puts the needs of others first. She contributed positively to the college through her role as Spirituality and Well Being Captain. She volunteered at local nursing homes and the YMCA Senior Athletic Carnival. Mateja has been an outstanding role model for the younger students and hopes to have a career in education.

Thomas Mugridge – St John Paul II College

Thomas has been outstanding in his contributions to all facets of college life during his three years as a member of the St John Paul community. He has mentored younger students across a variety of areas as well as being integral to the establishment of a technical crew for college events such as masses and major performances. Thomas is always generous and selfless in giving his time tin support of others.

Jasmin Statham-Smith – St Mary MacKillop College 

Jasmin has demonstrated a strong contribution to charitable works at the college and in the wider community. With a commitment to compassionately serving others, she has been active in fundraising for campaigns such as Relay for Life and for the St Vincent de Paul Society. Jasmin has displayed leadership characterised by integrity, honesty and a commitment to the building of a positive community.

Vocational Studies Award

Tylah Forsyth-Weir – St Clare’s College 

Tylah has successfully dedicated an extensive amount of time to her VET studies over the last two years. She has demonstrated her commitment to her chosen vocational qualifications to ensure that she has a number of career options on leaving college. There is no doubt that Tylah will make a valued contribution to whatever field she chooses.

Roy Madaffari – St Francis Xavier College

Roy is an outstanding student. He is extremely capable and demonstrates initiative beyond his years.On the job, Roy’s dedication and quest to learn and improve has been very impressive. To quote Roy’s employer, “He is an example of everything a school-based apprentice should be.”

Mikayla Cruz – St John Paul II College 

Mikayla has successfully completed a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation as part of an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship and has balanced this with her academic studies and the demands of elite track and field athletic competition and training. She was a finalist in the 2018 ACT Training Excellence Awards where her dedication to achieving at the highest level in her studies was recognised.

Aisling Kinsella – St Mary MacKillop College

Aisling has studied Media as a vocational course at a Tertiary level, achieving exceptional results and attaining a Certificate II in Creative Industries. She has consistently demonstrated excellent critical and creative skills, and outstanding commitment to her vocational and Tertiary studies in English, Drama, Religious Studies, Mathematical Methods and the Biodiversity H course.

Academic Studies Award

Lauren Paterson – Merici College

Lauren is a student truly motivated to achieve her best in all that she does. With a double major in Mathematics, majors in Chemistry, English and Religious Studies, and a minor in Psychology, Lauren preserved breadth in her studies. She maintained a rigorous study program while remaining an active contributor to college life through involvement i school events and the Sustainability group.

Sarah Duffy, – St Clare’s College 

Sarah is an insightful student who has achieved outstanding results in English, Religious Studies, Chemistry and Biology. She demonstrates a deep understanding of concepts, willingly extending her knowledge in the process. Sarah accepts challenges and approaches then with determination. her attitude to her academic life has earned Sarah the respect of all the teachers at St Clare’s College.

Thomas Tran – St John Paul II College

Thomas ins an outstanding and committed student who has strives to achieve at the highest standard through his entire college career. he has consistently demonstrated diligence and self-discipline towards his studies. Thomas will graduate with 22 standard units, including a double major in Specialist Mathematics, majors in English, Psychology and Religious Studies, and a minor in Physics.

James Crispin – St Mary MacKillop College 

James is an exceptionally talented and dedicated student, achieving A grades in all of his subjects. He is a gifted mathematician and scientist and has displayed particular talent in Physics. His diligence and commitment are evident in all aspects of his studies. James has completed majors in Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Chemistry and English.

Performing/Visual Arts Award

Antonia Sergi – Merici College 

Antonia is a dedicated and hard-working student who has an exceptional ability to manage time. She successfully completed three Arts majors; Photography, Media and Graphic Design. She is inquisitive, challenging herself to find solutions to problems she may face, and generously helping others to solve their problems as well. Antonia always displays creativity and thoughtfulness in all that she does.

Lucy Sugerman – St Clare’s College

Lucy has demonstrated outstanding commitment to her studies in the Performing Arts through her time at the college She has maintained excellent results across her studies in Music and Mathematics and balanced this with her commitment to a wide range of extra-curricular activities both at St Clare’s College and in the wider community. Her talents and skills have left audiences in awe.

Jaime Johnston – St Francis Xavier College

Jaime has made extraordinary contributions to Performing Arts at St Francis Xavier College. She has achieved excellence in both Drama and Media and this is a credit to her commitment.  Jaime is a valued member of the college production crew, portraying outstanding skills in theatre production. Her commitment and passion have been acknowledged in the Canberra community theatre scene; representing St Francis Xavier College admirably.

Danijela Bodo – St John Paul II College 

Danijela has shown a long term commitment to the Performing Arts in both her academic studies and co-curricular activities. She has achieved her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and management alongside her Tertiary studies during Years 11 and 12. Danijela has also demonstrated her leadership in the Arts through her role in the college musical production and dance festival performances.

Sophie Highmore – St Mary MacKillop College

Sophie has achieved great success in her studies especially in Drama, Dance and Music. She is an exceptionally talented singer, dancer and actor. Sophie has executed her role as Performing Arts Captain with distinction and enthusiasm, encouraging and supporting the participation of a  diverse range of students in many dramatic and musical performances across the college.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award

Hannah Mason – Merici College 

As Narragunnwali Captain, Hannah coordinated events to acknowledge the ongoing connection with country for Australia’s first people and actively promoted reconciliation. She organised community events to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous students together and devised fundraising activities for Indigenous Health Services. Hannah has bee a positive role model throughout her senior years.

Saffron Butler – St Clare’s College

Saffron is a conscientious and dedicated student who has demonstrated her strengths in a  number of areas, including academic, pastoral and leadership. She continually demonstrates the attributes of persistence, courage and determination. Saffron is always respectful to her teachers and fellow students and develops a positive relationship with others.

Dominic Holgate – St Mary MacKillop College 

Dominic is a quietly proud Indigenous students, whose actions are driven by strong values. He is a gifted musician and has shared his musical talents at school events and assemblies. Dominic has earned the respect of his peers and is seen as a person of integrity and honesty. He has studies Music Industry, English, Religious Studies and Mathematics.


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