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A Team Effort for Students at St Monica’s Evatt

In Term 2 the students of St Monica’s Kindergarten, Year One and Two classes worked together to perform the musical “Tattybogle”. The story journeys through the seasons as Tattybogle the cheerful scarecrow interacts with the animals on the farm where he guards the fields. The rain is his music, the birds and animals his friends and the wind is his dancing partner. Then one day the Autumn wind is so strong that Tattybogle is blown to pieces. All that is left of him is an old stick, but he never loses hope.  His optimistic approach to life is rewarded, as Spring brings him a glorious new start: Tattybogle’s stick takes root and he becomes a tree!

The Students worked hard to learn their parts and every child joined in making their own contribution to the show. The Year Two students took the lead with the speaking parts and the younger students dazzled the audience with their singing and fantastic costumes. The catchy songs and dances impressed the audience and a wonderful evening was had by the school community with many families attending to see the performance.

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