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A Fashionable Visit To Melbourne!

Year 12 Lumen Christi Textiles and Design students travelled to Melbourne recently to attend a unique exhibition of the work of fashion designer ‘Christian Dior’ being exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Dior’s work was last exhibited in 1947 in Australia and the exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria was on display for a very limited time to celebrate 70th years of iconic fashion history.

As part of the HSC course, students study a designer; this visit to Melbourne was the perfect opportunity for the students to see firsthand the inspirational work of a world-renowned designer. They also were able to talk to tailors and the ‘workers’ behind the iconic fashion label, who work on a single garment for more than three months before a collection is released.

Students then visited other high-end designer stores and scouted through vintage and retro fashion shops looking for iconic fashion pieces.

They also viewed and experienced Melbourne street art, as well as being able to see the Cirque Soleil – Torak performance at the Rod Lava Arena. Students gained an understanding and appreciation of the importance of character design and development when working on a production from a textiles/costume point of view.

The final evening was spent having dinner on the banks of the Yarra River as students recapped their awesome experience.

On the Sunday students travelled back to Pambula, with a stop at the Traralgon Spotlight store, where they spent 3 hours looking at patterns and fabrics needed to complete their Major projects .

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