NSW Primary Schools

St Joseph’s Primary School - Grenfell

Years: K-6Type: CoeducationPrincipal: Ms Therese Clancy Street Address: Weddin St Grenfell NSW 2810 Phone: 02 6343 1514 Email: office.stjosephsgrenfell@cg.catholic.edu.au Website:

The first Parish school in Grenfell was built in 1876.  A new school was built the following year due to a fire. The new structure was built in brick.  Due to an increase in student numbers a new school building was erected in 1915. This serviced both Primary and Secondary students until 1961 when it was decided that the school would only cater for Primary students.

Although small in size, St Joseph’s Primary School is large in heart. St Joseph’s is a dedicated school community that continually aims to inspire success and achievement amongst its students.  The school works together as a team to promote the potential of its students within a holistic environment.