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St Patrick’s Cooma Cross Country Ski Program 2017

There is something magical about children and snow. From falling flakes to bluebird days, children love making the most of any opportunity to be out in the snow.  The feeling of sliding over snow with skis under your feet, catching snowflakes on your tongue, rolling down a snowy slope or throwing a few well packed snowballs, never seems to lose its appeal when children are involved.

The collection of Primary students involved in the cross country ski program this week were able to experience all of these things and many more.  They played games on skis such as soccer and keepings off, worked on improving their skills and technique, explored on the groomed areas and on the pristine, untouched off-piste zones and enjoyed the new experience of laser biathlon.  There were many opportunities to find bumps and jumps, to test their balance against the steepness of a slope and to follow animal tracks to see where they lead.  All of these new experiences were enjoyed with smiles across snow-kissed or sun-kissed faces, even on the most snowiest of days.  In between skiing, students were able to enjoy the warm environment of the Nordic Shelter, heat up their lunches and dry their gloves before the next adventure

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