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Good Shepherd Amaroo Unveils New Buildings

On Tuesday, 2 May Good Shepherd Primary School in Amaroo officially opened and blessed the construction and redesign of new and existing classrooms. During the event the names of the two re-energised buildings were unveiled. The McGrath and Ryan buildings pay tribute to two people of great significance to the school – Good Shepherd’s first Principal, Patrick McGrath and Parish member, Sr Genny Ryan.

Along with the Parish team, Patrick (Paddy) McGrath was responsible for deciding on the name and colours of the school prior to opening on 31 October 2002. Patrick also initiated a special ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ school greeting that continues to be an ongoing tradition today.

During the initial development of the school, Sr Genny Ryan designed the school emblem to symbolise the Shepherd learning towards the family to shape the heart of God in Amaroo. Sr Genny was also responsible for designing the stained glass in the Church and the banner that hang at the back of the altar at Holy Spirit Parish.

Over the past 17 years, Good Shepherd Amaroo has continued to evolve, and live out its ethos of welcome, care and support.

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