ACT RAT Advice

The use of RAT kits is an important step to support the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. They are a quick and easy screening tool to help detect COVID-19. It is a simple process of placing a nose or throat swab in a chemical solution which is put onto a scanning device. Results can be ready within 15 minutes. Use of RAT kits is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Instructions are included in the kits detailing how to: use the tests, check the results and dispose of the tests safely. You can also download the instructions through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website. The user guides will also contain a contact number for the suppliers if you need additional support.


At the start of term 2 

  • RAT tests are available from schools on request if required. Please contact the school directly to organise pick up.
  • School staff will not be administering the rapid antigen tests to students.
  • If a student or staff member receives a positive RAT test, they need to
  • record the positive RAT result through the ACT COVID-19 website  or the Check-in CBR App. Parents and carers must notify the school of the positive RAT or PCR test result as soon as possible and follow ACT Health advice to isolate for 7 days
  • Schools will communicate to parents if there is an increased presence and impact of COVID-19 in their community. Parents should expect to be provided with details of any impacted year groups or cohorts should this occur.

Negative results do not need to be reported to ACT Health or to the school.